You drop things, they leave stains.

In WI people are shouting.  In Baltimore no one cares.

A drug seeps through the veins.  A member of society steps over a curb, they notice a crack in the fabric of life, they call in a complaint.

Water consumes.  It consumes the fabrics, the overpasses, the parking lots, the pathways.  It consumes the alleys, the overhead hangings, the gutters, the drainage pipes.  It consumes the pavement, the tops, the passageways, the walkways, the overlaps, the gaps, the barriers, the suppression  The water travels to a place where it belongs.  It hurries to be with itself.  The water jumps down to be under the ground.  I sit staring and listening.  My ears can hear this. I can hear rushing.  I can hear a roar.  Here I am, standing, on a street, a car slowly passes by. The roar under neath.  I wonder what it would be like to ride that wrath out of here.

You make stains with that.  Be careful!

Sometimes I think my thoughts should be kept inside.