Are you new to this?

Are you transferring some news to present to this?

You are where I want to be.  Inside of a warm surrounded by cold with breathing next to me.  I see glances of moments and time of time and when it all comes to be I can only smell…one scent, to begin to remember.  If only I could convince myself I was the only one left to be.  In competition.  Why is it always competition?  I don’t care to compare.

I am standing in a room surrounded by others.  I can tell they are thinking about moments and trying to impress.  We are always trying to impress. You know something that I really dislike, is trying to impress. I don’t care about you and I don’t want you to care about me.  We are all here for the same reason, the same purpose.  Why do I or you need to be better than anything.  We have our skills.  Mine are different than yours.  So be it!  We each play a part in a role of moving objects that creates an outcome wherein we all survive.  We all prosper.  My sentient being I want everyone to see this.  I want you to stop striving for so much, in return, I promise to accept you for what you are if only you will accept me for my outcomes.

I hate to be thinking about the negative.  Tonight I stood in a wall of noise.  I stopped and glanced and took in a deep breath.  Pictures played out inside my head, taking back into warm of sun shining days.  I am glad you are continuing on your way.  I am laying a foot or so away. I can feel as one breath after another makes a moment to appear and brush by with a whisper.  Eyes are widening and hair settles into place.  From one glance to another glance and in connections of where we have been, our eyes are telling stories of decades past.  I am creating an image of uncaring.  I am telling you I am an evil person.  I have done things that others wouldn’t have thought of.  I am only human.  I am walking just as fast as you are.  I take one foot and step over sidewalks that were created too tall.  We always want to build up barriers.  I just want you to trust me, and in return, maybe I can do the same.   And in return, maybe……just maybe. ….

So many maybes.

I can’t think as clarifications make passages of happenstance.  You are there.  I am here.  Combinations.  We couple.  Is it necessary?  Am I necessary?  Perhaps another moment could tell, you could be anywhere, in anyone, at anytime.  Its just a matter of filling the air.