A lonely spaceship.  Plastered for all to see.  And inside we bring lights of beaming in through portholes like its meant to be.  I am not almost concerned.  In fact, I am not concerned at all.  Even when winds blow and bolts jolt the line between here and now doesn’t seem to give much.  And total night time in angry face like shapes of construction and objection and misconception of the meaning to all of this.  I am not laughing at what you have to say. I am simply beginning to feel like my inside should be external as that’s what I was told to do.  Its only a matter of moments until an untrained eye will catch the circular notion of the back and fourth of similar thoughts and notices that tell you your time is almost up.

It is no sheer coincidence that water brings solace.  A moment to stop and wonder as waves lap over discarded bottles gently nestled against the pier.  And underneath our feet the concrete moves upwards in buckled movements of an uncertain future.  Will one foot step over the next at an awkward angle?  Will my shoes feel a yearning toward one side or the other with a pull of precise decisions?  We want to know what’s going on now.  We want to know a solid foundation to start from.  But its never quite so simple.  Not one day to the next.  You want to know something?  This isn’t about you.  But I am talking about you.  Maybe not.  Really its not so personal.

I keep playing videos of musical installations to define my moments.  Like this day will be forwarded by these changes in intonation.  Notes to make you feel like you matter.