Its moments like these were minds don’t matter much. The flow of sunshine through screened in windows. We like it here. We like to think here. We like to know here. We like to think about liking and knowing here. I am only as colorful as you want me to be.

Do your demons keep you awake at night? I dream about being in some sort of other outer existence. Where in shallow moments of exchanging thought versus meaning and reason versus purpose take hold of main sails and send us off to the limitless. The waves of mind and time and constant uncaring.

Lets share together. Lets stand tall together. It’s the least we can do. Though in the end I imagine our bodies will touch and somewhere we will think to ourselves that this has a conclusion. A final episode of you and me in some city with a backdrop of other people’s lives.

Can I get through a message without being in such formation?

I am going to make fun of others. I am going to judge them. I am going to shove their meager bodies and pathetic lives into easily stackable boxes so I can place them within my warehouse of ideas. There you will sit and watch and wonder as the room fills to the brim. I will take stationary notes and paste them to each corner reading aloud a single answered phrase of yes or no and maybe and why not and if so then where and when and how and where did it all go wrong? Why are you looking at me.