Oh the stories I imagine you tell. At least this city creates divides among miles that seem like years. I don’t tend to have too many thoughts these days. Or at least thoughts I care to put down on paper. I think I try and get rid of the resent by not wasting time, however it seeps through the cracks and jumps back around when I am least expecting. Maybe its wanting to keep a solid footing on what’s ahead. But this stink remains so long as the filth is left strewn about as I walk through my days. I can only hope that time will keep repairing and slowly any memory will dissipate as the next natural disaster fills the mind for a while. Oh these disasters. We can only keep going in hope that the next wave doesn’t come crashing down on us. It’s sort of how we interact throughout all of life. Blinders focused on our own existence. Perhaps a little dab here or there to keep our conscious clean. But a forward looking focus and a growing sense of self worth helps us to sleep at night. We ‘earned’ this so how is it not right?